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What is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a chemical element – a rare Earth metal. What makes it unique is that you rarely find it on its own. Most of the time you’ll notice that it’s a part of other chemical compounds and not available on its own.

Tungsten is widely known for the fact that it has the highest melting point out of the elements. On top of that, it’s very robust and durable, so it makes sense to have various durable products created out of it.

Tungsten has 19.25 times the density of water, so it’s very dense and that alone makes it more durable than many other products out there.

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What is the difference between tungsten and tungsten carbide wedding rings?

The main difference is that tungsten is the material itself, but tungsten carbide is an allow oy tungsten and carbon. You will also find tungsten carbide with titanium and nickel as well.

If you want pure tungsten, then you shouldn’t go with tungsten carbide as this is just an alloy. It’s important to know the distinction between these products, as tungsten carbide is not as powerful and impressive.

Tungsten Rings vs Titanium

Tungsten is better for wedding bands because it’s very durable and it has a great visual appeal. Titanium might be bio-compatible, but it’s not scratch proof and that can be a major issue. If you want to protect your investment, ideally you want to go with tungsten as it’s a better fit for a long lasting wedding band.

Is Tungsten good for a wedding band?

One of the most important things you want to focus on when it comes to wedding bands is durability and dependability. Tungsten is a great material for wedding bands because it’s super dependable and it will resist scratches or any other appearance issues.

We believe that tungsten is an amazing material for wedding bands and the fact that it’s not super expensive is a plus. There are a few challenges when it comes to finding the best material for a wedding band, but for the most part tungsten is the ultimate solution. It’s dependable and durable; just what you would expect from a good wedding band material.

Why should I choose a tungsten wedding band?

Tungsten is dependable, durable and looks very professional. Don’t hesitate and give tungsten rings a try as they will most likely check all the boxes for you. From traditional gold-plated styles, black tungsten rings, and unique rings – our list has the best tungsten rings for 2021 (and beyond)!

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Can I wear my tungsten wedding band in the shower?

Tungsten rings are completely safe to wear in the shower – there won’t be any rust, corrosion, or discoloring if you stick to the best of the best tungsten rings we have featured in our list. You may see in care instructions that it is not recommended to wear a tungsten wedding ring in the shower, but don’t worry about it too much, as that is more often the manufacturer covering themselves.

How easily do tungsten rings break?

Tungsten doesn’t break that easily. It will shatter under a lot of pressure, but due to the large number of atoms in it, the chances of breaking tungsten rings are very low. It can happen, so you must take that into consideration.

Also, tungsten rings can shatter or fracture sometimes, based on level of impact. They are also on the heavy side, which some people may not like, as you can definitely feel it on your finger throughout the day.

Do tungsten rings turn your finger green?

No, that’s not the case, unless you are dealing with a fake or knock-off material. So you don’t have to worry about your finger turning green with any of the tungsten bands on our list.

Can tungsten rings cause cancer?

According to the CDC – no. The Department of Health and Human Services says “lab animals that were exposed to high amounts of tungsten and cobalt showed early signs of lung cancer” but we are not dealing with that level of exposure with these rings.

They go on, stating “studies in human workplaces do not link exposure to tungsten alone with more cancer, but one study linked workplace exposure to dust containing a mixture of tungsten and cobalt with lung cancer”.

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Tungsten rings have nowhere near the amount of tungsten even normally found in the air, and contain no cobalt, so you will be safe with daily, non-stop wear if you decide to get a ring made of tungsten material.

What is bad about tungsten wedding bands?

Although most tungsten rings are hypoallergenic, not all of them are. This is primarily due to the fact that binders are used to help keep the ring shape, which may contain other metals other than tungsten carbide, resulting in an allergic reaction.
Always double-check the exact materials used for any tungsten ring purchased online.

Why are tungsten wedding bands so cheap?

Tungsten is not a very expensive metal like gold or silver with an average price of 1$ per ounce. Since most tungsten rings weigh under 1 ounce, the raw material cost is very low. When you buy plain tungsten rings on sites like Amazon, you will get a good product, but it will most likely be plain.
The higher priced tungsten wedding bands are usually bonded with higher-quality material like exotic woods, or other metals like titanium or even carbon fiber. Other tungsten rings will have exotic patterns or diamonds worked into them, also driving up the price with added labor costs.

Is tungsten a safe wedding band?

Tungsten rings are just as safe to wear as normal wedding bands made from precious metals. If a tungsten wedding band gets stuck on your finger, you can get it removed and cut off, and most will shatter under enough pressure. This is actually safer compared to gold rings that will bend under pressure, potentially causing even more damage and making it more difficult to remove.

What happens if a tungsten ring gets stuck?

Tungsten rings can be shattered under enough pressure, so you can use plyers to try and pry it off, or user a hammer to lightly tap the ring until it begins to fall apart and crack.

How can you tell if a tungsten ring is real?

High quality tungsten rings will have a nice shine and natural smudge-resistance. They will also have no seams or smooth seams when molded with other materials. If you notice your finger becoming discolored, you know you have a low quality ring that has most likely been molded with other alloys like copper.

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Can a tungsten ring be resized?

Unfortunately you cannot resize a tungsten ring, but most companies allow easy size exchanges to take care of this problem if your new tungsten wedding band does not fit.

How long does a tungsten wedding band last?

Tungsten wedding bands are very durable and can last up to 5 years or longer before you should get it examined and properly cleaned and checked for cracks or damage. Just like any ring made from gold or silver, you can take your tungsten wedding band to any local jeweler and have them examine it and clean it thoroughly.

How hard is it to break a tungsten ring?

Since tungsten is extremely hard and rigid, it does make it somewhat brittle. Despite being harder than titanium, it is not as malleable as metals such as gold, which is much softer and will bend or dent under pressure vs breaking or shattering. If you happen to drop or hit your tungsten ring against a hard surface very hard, it could potentially chip or break.

Will a tungsten ring rust?

Don’t worry about rust when it comes to your tungsten ring – it does not rust unless temperatures reach higher than 1,000* Fahrenheit. If your tungsten wedding band is made with other metals, or is a tungsten alloy ring, there is potential for rust. If your rung is 100% tungsten, it will not rust.

How do you maintain a tungsten ring?

Since tungsten rings are tough, simply wash your ring with warm water and your favorite dish soap such as Dawn. You can also let your ring soak in soapy water and use a paper towel, dish cloth, or toothbrush to help keep it clean or remove any built-up gunk from extensive wear.


Is tungsten good for mens rings? ›

If you're looking for a unique men's wedding band that's durable, modern, and low maintenance, a tungsten carbide ring may be the answer. Tungsten carbide is a strong and scratch-resistant metal available in a variety of colors and styles.

What is the strongest metal for a male wedding ring? ›

Tungsten is man-made and one of the strongest metals on earth. In fact, it is four times stronger than titanium, making tungsten the most durable metal option for a men's wedding ring.

How much does a good tungsten ring cost? ›

You can find a high-quality tungsten ring for around $200, while gold and platinum bands can cost between $500 and $1,000 or more.

Is tungsten wedding rings OK for electricians? ›

Wedding rings made from metals like copper, gold, zinc tungsten, stainless steel and even carbon fiber are conductive and dangerous to wear while working with electrical currents.

What are the disadvantages of tungsten? ›

Tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal, which can make it difficult to fabricate. It is brittle. Tungsten is a brittle metal that is susceptible to shattering under impact or stress. This can make it dangerous to work with, as small pieces of tungsten could break off and cause injury.

What are the weakness of tungsten? ›

Tungsten's very high melting point is also its weakness: It makes it very hard to work: Melting & casting is practically impossible, sawing, machining & forming very difficult.

What is the best all around tungsten size? ›

Even though there are many choices for tungsten welding electrodes, after you have selected an appropriate type and diameter for your application, you shouldn't have to think much about it. A good all-purpose electrode, like a 3/32-inch diameter, 2% lanthanated, should be an excellent choice for most welders.

How do I choose a tungsten ring? ›

Some of the obvious things to pay attention to are the shape of the tungsten ring, the thickness of the ring, and width of the ring. The outside shape of the ring is probably the single most important factor. For maximum comfort, a tungsten wedding band that is rounded or domed shaped on the outside is best.

What size tungsten ring should I get? ›

*IMPORTANT Comfort fit tungsten rings generally fit 1/2 size larger than traditional bands. We recommend you order a 1/2 size smaller than the size you were given at the jewelry store. With our comfort fit rings there is no need for 1/4 sizes as your finger will adjust to the rounded inner band.

Can you shower with tungsten ring? ›

Can I wear my Tungsten ring in the shower? Unlike sterling silver, your tungsten ring won't scratch or tarnish, so it can stay on in the shower or bath.

What wedding rings can lineman wear? ›

But there are times a silicone band makes life easier. Some professions don't allow metal rings to be worn on the job- think welders, lineman, firefighters and some professional athletes. Silicone rings break apart or stretch, which prevents degloving if your finger gets caught on a machine.

How strong is a tungsten wedding ring? ›

How strong is a tungsten ring? Tungsten's strength lies in its scratch resistance, which is surpassed only by diamonds. It will break if enough force is applied, but it is four times harder than titanium and twice as hard as steel.

Which is better tungsten or titanium? ›

Titanium is also more hypoallergenic than Tungsten, albeit Tungsten is pretty hypoallergenic in its own right. To put the durability in perspective, Titanium is about 1/4 the weight of Gold, but is 3 times as strong/scratch resistant. Tungsten is slightly heavier than Gold, but is 3.5 times as strong/scratch resistant.

Can you wear tungsten everyday? ›

Tungsten wedding rings are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches and wear. They are also highly resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal material for everyday wear.

Why are tungsten rings so cheap? ›

First and foremost, tungsten rings are cheap because tungsten itself is not an expensive metal. Unlike precious metals which are rare, tungsten is almost readily found in many ores, especially in China. An ounce of premium tungsten just retails for $1!

What can destroy tungsten? ›

As an element, tungsten can be neither created nor destroyed chemically, although tungsten can change forms in the environment.

What does the tungsten symbolize? ›

Tungsten is a metal that signifies strength and commitment. It is no wonder that it has become ubiquitous to contemporary men's jewelry and fashion. It is tough, scratch-resistant and heavyweight. This only means, the new-age metal rings personify every quality related to people throughout literature and history.

Why was Wolfram changed to tungsten? ›

The two-name confusion arises from early mineralogy. The name 'tungsten' is derived from the old Swedish name for 'heavy stone', a name given to a known tungsten-containing mineral. The name 'wolfram' comes from a different mineral, wolframite, which also has a high content of the element we call tungsten.

What color tungsten should I use? ›

The color most manufacturers choose to use is purple. Depending on the mixture, rare-earth tungsten electrodes can have very different characteristics. For example, they can provide a stable arc when working with DC or AC current, the ability to withstand high amperages or greater longevity.

How thick should my tungsten be? ›

Tig Welding Guide
Metal GaugeJoint TypeTungsten Size
1/8" - 3.2mmFILLET1.6mm
3/16" - 4.8mmBUTT2.4mm
FILLET2.4mm, 3.2mm
1/4" - 6.4mmBUTT3.2mm
5 more rows

Does tungsten brand matter? ›

High quality tungsten contributes to improved arc starting, better weld quality, and electrode longevity. So in a nutshell, Yes, Brand does Matter.

What is the most common tungsten size? ›

The most common length is 7.00” (175 mm). Tungsten is normally sold in boxes of 10 pieces.

How long do tungsten rings last? ›

Tungsten carbide is a hard, durable material that will remain polished virtually forever. Of course, there are some shortcomings that coincide with purchasing a tungsten carbide ring. For starters, there's a chance your supplier may be offering a ring with a purity level that is lower than 80 percent.

What's the difference between a tungsten ring and a tungsten carbide ring? ›

The biggest and most important difference between them is that tungsten refers to the individual metal, whereas tungsten carbide is an alloy of tungsten and predominantly carbon, although nickel and titanium are among the other metals that might be used. Some websites and jewelers will use the two interchangeably.

Is tungsten worth a lot of money? ›

A broad range of prices for finished tungsten products would be from $25 to $2500 per kilo, with the majority of products in the $100 to $350 per kilo range.

Why can't tungsten rings be resized? ›

Tungsten and Titanium are hard metals. This means they cannot be resized. However the benefit of these metals is that they are much less likely to scratch, bend or break when compared to other common metals, gold and platinum.

What color of tungsten indicates pure tungsten? ›

1. Green color code. The green color code indicates a pure tungsten electrode containing 99,59 % tungsten.

What is the best cleaner for tungsten rings? ›

To clean tungsten carbide jewelry, use a solution of warm water and detergent-free soap with a soft cloth. When not worn, store your tungsten pieces in soft cloth bags or the original box to protect them from the elements of daily exposure.

Does hand sanitizer affect tungsten rings? ›

Tungsten Ring Care Tips:

Any other types of cleaning solutions or lotions can damage tungsten by reacting poorly with its composition. Alcohol hand sanitizer and dirt can leave buildup on your ring, which can make your ring look darker.

Can tungsten go in salt water? ›

Tungsten in water may be in either soluble or insoluble forms. Insoluble tungsten in water can settle to the bottom where it enters sediment. Some insoluble tungsten compounds, however, can remain suspended in ocean water for many years, requiring as long as 1,000 years to settle to the bottom.

What is a gentleman's ring? ›

A ring designed for the man that keeps one foot in the past and one foot in the future. You know how to exemplify a lifestyle of chivalry, class, and distinction.

What metal wedding ring for men? ›

Gold. Gold is one of the most popular choices for men's wedding bands. Whether in yellow, white or rose color, gold has been the standard for a long time.

What wedding rings should men wear? ›

Traditionally a man will wear a simple yellow gold band to represent his love and symbolize devotion. So although there is a huge range of gold wedding rings for men, there are also many others in a range of quality precious metals to show your commitment.

Is it hard to break a tungsten ring? ›

While unscratchable, tungsten rings are very brittle and not malleable. Gently apply firm compression using an adjustable vise grip (borrow from your hospital's electrical or engineering department). This will fracture the ring. Carefully collect the pieces, which may have sharp edges.

Do tungsten rings scratch easily? ›

Tungsten is one of the strongest metals out there, is scratch-resistant, and shines up to compete with any precious metal.

Which is better tungsten or tungsten carbide? ›

While Tungsten Carbide has many of the properties of tungsten itself, including its durability, strength and high melting point, it is a much better metal. Tungsten ranks at 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It is very hard and durable but can still get scratched and damaged over time.

Why do men get tungsten rings? ›

Tungsten carbide is the most scratch-resistant metal known to man. Tungsten carbide jewelry is affordable and has a nice weight to it, similar to gold and platinum. Tungsten rings are quick and easy to remove from your finger in case of medical emergency - easier than gold.

Is tungsten good for everyday wear? ›

Tungsten wedding rings are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches and wear. They are also highly resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal material for everyday wear.

Can I wear my tungsten ring in the shower? ›

Unlike sterling silver, your tungsten ring won't scratch or tarnish, so it can stay on in the shower or bath.

Is tungsten or titanium better for rings? ›

In conclusion, both titanium and tungsten rings are excellent choices for wedding bands or everyday wear. Titanium vs. tungsten rings' pros and cons include differences in weight, cost, and performance, with titanium being lighter and hypoallergenic, while tungsten is more affordable, scratch-resistant, and durable.

Why are some tungsten rings so cheap? ›

First and foremost, tungsten rings are cheap because tungsten itself is not an expensive metal. Unlike precious metals which are rare, tungsten is almost readily found in many ores, especially in China. An ounce of premium tungsten just retails for $1!

Can a tungsten ring be cut off? ›

While other metals can be removed with a wedding ring cutter, tungsten rings are a type of ring that can only be "cut" with vice grips or any kind of locking pliers. Most emergency personnel have this common tool, as well as your local emergency rooms.

Why is my tungsten ring turning black? ›

A high-quality, jewelry-grade tungsten ring will not oxidize — meaning it will not rust or tarnish. However, it is sometimes the case that tungsten metals are combined with another metal to create an alloy, and a lower quality, industrial tungsten alloy may contain cobalt, which can show oxidation and corrosion.

Does tungsten rust in water? ›

The short answer is no—tungsten does not rust.

Rusting requires oxygen, water, and iron – three things tungsten does not contain. So while tungsten may be exposed to moisture or air, it will remain corrosion-proof due to its lack of iron content.


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